Nov 2015 The new F101 frequency generator is now available! The F101 is a 2.5MHZ, 2 channels  single 5V TTL output generator. It is intended to drive amplifiers or other equipment that require a 5V TTL input.  Please see the products section for more information

Aug 2015 The new redesigned F175 is now available! It has the same specifications as our previous F175 but is controlled by an Android tablet (included). Please see the products section for more information

May 12 2015 Today we introduce the F101b square wave generator board. The F101 replaces the F112 board. It offers a wider frequency range, up to 2.5MHZ for both channels and a finer resolution at .0009 HZ. It can be purchase individually or in quantity on our product pages. We will also introduce a new generator, the F101 in the coming week. It is a USB driven generator with 2  2.5MHZ channels for those who don't require a LCD display or keypad. 

Sept 19 2014 We  have new beta release  of our F100 software for Mac OSX. This F100 5.0 release is a complete rewrite of the F100 software to make it compatible with multiple operating systems (Mac OSX, Linux, Windows). So after this initial release of the Mac OSX version, look for a Linux release in about one month and a MS-Windows release around December. This new Mac OSX release has all the functionality of our current MS-Windows 4.x release including the ability to run programs from the Mac and get screen updates as the program runs. You can download this new beta release from the downloads section of our web site.

March 14 2014  Our new shopping cart and checkout process are now in service. We now use the secure gateway with our own USD merchant account for online credit card purchases. The checkout step is done on the secure transaction system. Moneris Solutions is a North American leader in credit card processing. 

Jan 1 2014 We now accept payment in Bitcoin. If you are interested in making payment in Bitcoin, please contact us. Click here for more information about Bitcoin.

Mar 14 2012  F100 4.3.1 for MS-Windows is available in the download section.

Jan 16 2012 We made changes to the power input requirements for the F125/165/170 . All our generators now ship with 110-240VAC 50-60HZ compatible wall adapters.  The input requirement on all models is now 12 VDC. This will make it easier for customers with 220-240 VAC electric outlets and those who want to run our generators from 12VDC sources such as batteries. The price for the F125/165 was slightly increased to account for this change.

Dec 13 2011 F100 3.0.30 for MS-Windows is available in the download section.

Sept 29 2011 F100 3.0.29 for Intel Macs running OSX 10.7 is now available in the download section.

Apr 16 2011 We have just released  F175 firmware upgrade 1.1.1. Download it here.  


Mar 8 2011 The F125/165/170 PCBs are back in stock. Lead time for orders is one week.

Feb 16 2011  The F175 is now shipping. You can order it from our order page. The F175 is our new 20 MHZ arbitrary waveform generator. You can read more about the F175 in our product pages.

Nov 30 2010 It is that time of the year. Our offices will be closed from Dec 4 to Dec 19 2010. All orders placed between Dec 1 and Dec 19 will ship in the last week of December 2010

Sept 27 2010 We have moved! Please take note of our new postal address and phone number here

March 1 2010 F100 3.0.29 is available here. This new release includes a menu option to update the USB firmware on your generator to support MS-Windows 7. Those who plan to switch to MS-Windows 7 MUST do this update to their generator BEFORE switching to Windows 7. To be able to do this update, you need a Windows system that can communicate with the generator. This can either be a Windows XP or Vista system or a Windows 7 on which you were able to install the USB driver and communicate with the generator PRIOR to doing the USB update.  Some Windows 7 systems will not be able to communicate with the generator without this update. Prior to swiitching to Windows 7, please download F100 3.0.29, install it, connect your generator and turn it on. Then select tools->Update USB firmware. Then turn off and on your generator. After this, a new USB driver will be installed. On most systems, this will be done automatically by Windows. On others, you will have to install it manually via the MS-Windows Device manager. The new USB drive is located in c:\Program Files\f100\usb

Nov 11 2009 Development of the F175 arbitrary waveform generator is progressing well. Read the update here

Aug 4 2008 Starting at the beginning of October2008 , our F125/165/170 frequency generators will feature LCD displaysback light. This will make it easier to read the LCD display in lowlight conditions. If you place an order between now and Oct/08 and youwant to wait for the new generator with the lighted display, please letus know in the notes when you place your order, your order will shipwhen the new generators arrive.

Jul 14 2008 We are currently working on aprogrammable 20 MHZ arbitrary waveform generator to be released in thefourth quarter of 2008. You can read more about the F175 here

Jun 23 2008 F100 3.0.24 for MS-Windows is now available in the download section. Please see the release notes for information concerning changes made in this release.

May 15 2008  F100 3.0.23d for MS-Windows is nowavailable in the download section. This upgrade contains a fix for abug that prevented fully resizing the F100 window. There is also a bugfix in the 1.0.21d firmware for a rare bug that would cause the fuzzcommand to run longer than programmed.

Dec 12 2007 F100 3.0.22 for MAC OS X is nowavailable in the download section. This is an upgrade of our F100 MACsoftware to support our latest generator firmware 1.0.21c.

June 17 2007  The first alpha release 0.1 of our ARCNC software for the MAC OSX and our ARCNC100 CNC controller has been posted to the download section.

March 23 2007  F125/165/170 Rev2 with the newmechanical keypad have been shipping for 3 weeks and the user feedbackis very positive. See coments in the testimonials section.

Feb 23 2007  F125/165/170 Rev2 Update. We receivedthe new rev2 generators thursday. We spent the past two days testingand programming them. Everything works fine including the new keypad.We will start shipping them out Monday. 

Feb 5 2007  F125/165/170 Rev2 Update. We werenotified of a 10 day delay in the assembly of the new Rev2 models byour assembly company. We were told to expect they will be ready aroundthe 14 of February.This is a new model and requires a new surface mountstencil, ordering of new parts and makes the process longer since 3companies are involved besides ourself. Be sure that once we get themwe will work very hard to program and burn-in the units and ship themASAP.  Thank You , Patrick Robin

Jan 16 2007 The first alpha release 0.1 of ourARCNC software for our ARCNC100 CNC controller has been posted to thedownload section. The PC version is available today, the Mac OS Xversion will be posted the week of Jan 22/07.

Jan 7 2007 F100 Release 3.0.19e/1.0.19e is now available for download in the download section. Please see the release notes for information concerning changes made in this release.

Jan 3 2007 We are out of stock on ourF165/170/125/110 rev 1 generators. We are receiving the new Rev2 modelswith the mechanical keypad at the end of January 2007. You can place anorder at any time to reserve your Rev2 generator. These new generatorswill start shipping end of January.

Dec 13 2006 A new video of the ARCNC100 CNC controller was posted in the products sections. This one is of the ARCNC100 running a G-Code file with a mixture of moves with and without constant contouring

Dec 11 2006 As mentioned bellow, we have redesignedthe keypad and PCB on all our F100 series frequency generators(F125,F165,F170). The new keypad is mechanical in nature and uses clickdomes with a ground shield. It is immune to RF intereference (fromPlasma based systems).  We will start shipping generators with this newkeypad/PCB by mid-January 2007. We have had requests  from customersfor the possibility to upgrade previous F165/170 generators to this newkeypad/PCB. We will offer such an upgrade. The exact cost for theupgarde has not been determined. It will be based on demand. If you areinterested in upgrading to the new keypad/PCB rev2, send us an email.

Nov 28 2006 We have redesigned the keypad on allour F100 series frequency generators (F125,F165,F170). This new keypadis mechanical in nature and uses click domes with a ground shield. Itis immune to RF intereference (from Plasma based systems).  We willstart shipping generators with this new keypad by mid-January 2007. Ifyou order a generator before then and want to get the new keypad,please mention this in the order notes. Your order will be put on holduntil we start shipping the new generators in mid-January.

Aug 23 2006 F100 Release 3.0.19b/1.0.19b is now available for download in the download section. Please see the release notes for information concerning changes made in this release.

July 31 2006  We updated the F100 software for MacOSX  to include the USB driver for Intel Macs. F100 now runs on IntelMacs. You can download the software here:

July 2 2006 We started work on a Mach3 plugin forour new ARCNC100 CNC motion controller/indexer card.  Mach3 is a verypopular PC CNC software application that runs under MS-Windows. Mach 3is very customizable with scripting and user interface changes. You canread about Mach 3 here: . This web site laso contains very good Mach3 videos and tutorials.

June 20 2006 F100 Release 3.0.19/1.0.19 is now available for download in the download section. Please see the release notes for information concerning changes made in this release.

May 30 2006  Our new F170 frequency generator is now available. You can read more about the F170 is the products section here

Apr 4 2006 F100 Release 3.0.15/1.0.15 is now available for download in the download section. Please see the release notes for information concerning changes made in this release.

Feb 24 2006 F100 Release3.0.14/1.0.14 is now available for download in the download section.This version allows creating/editing program files directly from thekeypad in standalone mode (not connected to a PC). To know more aboutthe features/bug fixes in this release, please see the release noteshere. Please read the release notes and user guide for more info onfile format restriction when editing program files.

Feb22 2006 We are consideringproducing another batch of our discontinued F160 generator. The onlyfeature the F160 has that our present models don't is the possibilityto output sine waves. We would offer it for $995 US.  If you areinterested in purchasing a F160 in the next year, please let us knowsince we are currently evaluating if there is enough demand to justifyproducing a new batch.

Feb 2 2006 F100 Release3.0.14/1.0.14 is available in beta release. This version allowscreating/editing program files directly from the keypad in standalonemode (not connected to a PC). To know more about the features/bug fixesin this release, please see the release notes here. If you areinterested in using this beta release, please email us and we will giveyou the install link.

Dec 3 2005 F100 Release3.0.12/1.0.12 for PC was uploaded to the web site. Please see therelease notes in the documents section for a list of changes in thisrelease.

Nov 15 2005 We have uploaded thebeta release of F100 3.0.11 for Mac OSX in the download section of ourweb site. The Mac version of F100 allows copying program files to ournew generators, upgrading the firmware and running in standalone modeonly. If you have a Mac running OS X and want to give it a try, wewould like to get your feedback.

Nov 2 2005 F100 Release3.0.11/1.0.11 was uploaded to the web site. This upgrade increases thefile name length limit to 32 characters and upgrades the FTDI USBdriver to the latest release. This 1.0.11 firmware upgrade is majorsince it reformats the flash file system and it is a 2 part process.Make sure you read the release notes for 3.0.11 before upgrading.

Oct 30 2005 We will soon have abeta release of the F100 3.0.10 software for Mac OSX. This release onlysupports our new generators: F110/125/165. If you are interested inbeta testing this release, please email us.

Oct 30 2005 Software/firmware3.0.10/1.0.10 can be requested by email. It increases the maximum filelength for programs from 16 to 32 characters. We will be posting it onthe web site later this week.

Oct 27 2005 We received our second batch of F125/165s. F125/165s are now in stock. 

Oct 27 2005 We will be posting asoftware/firmware upgrade (3.0.10/1.0.10)  on Oct 29. This upgrade willincrease the maximum file name length from 16 characters to 32characters for program files copied to the generator. This upgrade willdelete all files on the generator and rebuild the generator file systemto support 32 characters file names.

Oct 21 2005 F100 3.0.9 and firmware1.0.9 were released in the download section. This release adds thepossibility to copy up to 1800 program files to the generator and thenrun those files standalone. Click here for release notes.

Oct 14 2005 F100 3.0.8 and firmware 1.0.8 were released in the download section. Click here for release notes

Oct14 2005 We are working on theF100 software feature that allows copying multiple files to theF125/165 and then running those files standalone. We expect to releasethis new feature by the end of next week.

Oct 6 2005 F100 3.0.6 and firmware 1.0.6 were released in the download section

Oct 1 2005  Our first batch of F110/F125/165is now sold out but we will be receiving a larger batch in the 3rd weekof October.  Email us if you want to order one of these models to beshipped at the end of October.